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Red Bluff, California: A Great Place to Live


Red Bluff was the main commercial city in the northern Sacramento Valley in the 1850s and ranks as one of the towns celebrated by the gold rush era. It is ideally located in Tehama County, whose origins are thought to be in an Indian name. Surrounding the land are foothills that become majestic mountains, such as the snow capped Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen. With its natural beauty and abundance of attractions, Red Bluff remains a popular town to relocate to today.
The town is situated 120 miles north of Sacramento and 155 miles south of Oregon. It is the gateway to the Lassen Volcanic National Park, which is a national attraction in the U.S, and Red Bluff also boasts its own calendar of events, many of them outdoors, which make it the perfect place to visit and relocate to. There are numerous quality Inns, bed and breakfast facilities and campgrounds as well as excellent restaurants in Red Bluff. The Red Bluff Daily News keeps locals and visitors up to date with events, news stories and real estate for the area.


Red Bluff’s climate is Mediterranean by nature, featuring long hot summers and cool, wet winters. Temperatures in July average at 35 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperate climate makes Red Bluff ideal for outdoor life and there are many opportunities to enjoy the sunny days here, with festivals, rodeos and water parks.


The Red Bluff Annual Round Up features a week of outdoor events, including bowling and golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts, antique shows, street dances and chili cook-offs as well as a major rodeo. This is one of the biggest attractions in Red Bluff and draws visitors from all over the U.S. It began in 1918 with cattlemen from Tehama County enjoying a picnic and informal rodeo at Clough Ranch, and the tradition has prevailed ever since and remains a major factor in boosting Red Bluff’s economy each year.

The William B Ide Adobe State Historic Park was named after the pioneer William B Ide who became president of the California Republic in 1846 after fighting in the Bear Flag Revolt. The land overlooks the Sacramento River and is a peaceful place to visit at all times of the year.

The Red Bluff Lake Recreation Area offers swimming, picnicking, hiking and camping facilities to visitors who want to enjoy the great outdoors in this idyllic setting of meadows and shaded areas where birds perch in abundance. There are viewing areas for bird watching and a 2-acre garden of native plants.

The Annual Red Bluff Crawdad Festival takes place in June each year and the town buzzes with anticipation for this much loved event. The festival is a great day out for all the family, with educational activities for the kids, crafts, food and a car show, as well as Cajun and Zydeco bands playing all weekend long. The festival also features the famous Crawdad eating contests. The fun takes place in the Tehama District Fairgrounds

Real Estate
Red Bluff really is ‘a great place to live’, as the sign says. Homes are competitively priced and serviced by various Real Estate companies in and around the town. Choose from glorious ranch style properties in the foothills of the mountains, sitting on 240 acres of private land, to more modest, attractive houses close to the town. There are gated homes that are hidden from the road, giving you ultimate privacy, and homes featuring lovely fireplaces, swimming pools and flood lit trees. Real Estate websites list property taxes and price histories for any particular home as well as public records, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision before you relocate. You can also find competitive mortgage protection insurance quotes online, giving you comparisons at the touch of a button and giving you the peace of mind you need to invest in a property in this sought after area of the U.S.

Red Bluff: the Perfect Town to Relocate to

With its extensive amenities such as shopping, restaurants, excellent schools, hospitals and an airport within close proximity, Red Bluff has so much to offer. Residents here enjoy outdoor living in the long summer months and the town has many celebrations throughout the year, such as the rodeo, car shows, music festivals and crawdad eating. With beautiful National Parks a stone’s throw away, as well as a backdrop of stunning mountain ranges, relocating to Red Bluff is sure to be the best move you make.

—Submitted by Eve Jenkins


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Locksmith in Red Bluff, CA Offers 24-hr Emergency Service

Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks is a Red Bluff locksmith that offers quality work at reasonable prices.

Being locked out of your house or locked out of your car sucks, but an expert locksmith like Ernie can rescue you at a moment’s notice. Lowest rates apply 6 am to 7 pm everyday, weekends and minor holidays included. And if it’s after hours? Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks offers 24hr emergency response.

This locksmith does lockouts, re-keying, master keying, installs deadbolts, and repairs locks. Lost your keys? Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks replaces lost keys. If you need a Locksmith in Red Bluff, CA – Ernie is your man. He is a master locksmith.

Pay what you can program
At Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks they don’t want to leave anyone stranded. If you are in dire circumstances they will do their best to help you for what you can afford. If you are unemployed, disabled, or otherwise unable to pay even their low rates, they will accept what you can pay. This is for those in Red Bluff who are locked out of the home or vehicle, can’t lock their home, or lost the key to their only transportation. Ernie’s goal is to help those who really need it. People tend to remember that kind of help.

After 14 years of law enforcement and 30 years of locksmithing, Ernie has seen plenty of break-ins. His philosophy is that locks don’t need to keep honest people honest; locks need to keep dishonest people afraid of 1) taking too long to get in, 2) making too much noise, 3) attracting attention, 4) leaving evidence, and 5) getting caught.  Proper locks and deadbolts are what it takes to keep those people “honest.”

Call and ask about specials at Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks. For more information visit www.erniesmobilelockworks.com or call 530-366-6511. For quick contact information, go to mobilelocksmithredbluff.com

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Red Bluff Interiors Offers Flooring in Red Bluff

Red Bluff interiors has a new website www.flooringredbluff.com.  The site describes the products they carry.  Like Carpeting, Hardwood Floors, Linoleum, Vinyl flooring and Laminate flooring.

They carry many brands including Mannington, Stainmaster,  Armstrong and Mohawk.  The site also has a link to TriWest Ltd which shows the  multiple flooring products they offer.

They are expert installers and can help you pick the perfect floor for any room or condition.  Don’t forget to visit them on the web at www.flooringredbluff.com or call them at 530-527-3801.

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Go Solar, Off-Grid, or Grid-Tie with Solar Installation Kits

Is solar electric right for you?  You’ve probably thought about solar energy…especially with the sun blazing the way it is, but did you know that alternative energy is a solid investment of your money? There are incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits offered by both state and local governments. You can completely or partially offset your utility bill. On a tiered meter, like PG&Es typical residential rates, a partial offset can save large amounts of money by keeping the usage down in the lower tiers.

tophatsun-logo.jpgThere are solar panel companies springing up everywhere, but do you go to the new start up, or consult with a company that’s grown up with the industry and seen it go from pieced together systems to well developed, highly efficient solar installation kits? Top Hat Energy is such a company. They have been selling, designing and installing solar electric systems for over 10 years. Top Hat also offers pre-designed kits that can be modified, off-grid installations, residential grid-tie and commercial grid-tie solar installations.

There are plenty of good reasons to “Go Solar”. A few from Top Hat’s Top Ten reasons for adding solar power:

•  You become immune from rate hikes. You can “freeze” your utility rates where they are by offsetting your power bill fully.
•  You gain non-taxable green equity.
•  You can purchase a solar system without changing your monthly budget, no extra monthly costs.
•  Solar modules require no maintenance. A fixed mount solar grid tie system does not ever need maintenance.
•  Solar energy reduces our dependency on foreign oil.
•  It’s good for the environment. Solar electricity produces no emissions at all.

Top Hat Energy is listed with the CEC as a dealer and installer, which is necessary for customers to receive the rebates that are available under the CSI program and for Top Hat Energy to retail the equipment. It is also licensed with the state of CA as a C-10 electrical contractor, necessary for installing solar, wind, and hydro. Top Hat Energy offers wholesale equipment sales and design nationally and internationally in solar energy products. Top Hat Energy designs, manages, and installs residential and commercial solar systems.

Top Hat Energy evolved from Top Hat Chimney Sweep back in 1978. Along the way, founder Terry Hufft added woodstoves and pellet stoves to his business and then getting into solar and wind energy, eventually offering the solid, clean built-to-last style that we see in utility tied systems today.

Since 1978, Top Hat Energy has built a reputation for knowledge and reliability. Top Hat is a full service alternate energy systems provider. Go to www.tophatenergy.com and see a lot more.

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Be Your Own Computer Technician

Why would you pay for limited tune-up software or expensive repairs when you can protect, tune-up, maintain and repair your PC using one resource and do it all for one low price?

Have you ever known anyone that’s had an absolutely trouble-free history with computers? Have you ever experienced a speed bump in your computer’s performance? Chasing down solutions or paying over-priced nerds is not the best solution. But there is Best PC Fixit™.

Best PC Fixit™, founded in 2008, develops innovative self-help instructional computer software for home and business computer users. Their staff of experienced, savvy, computer technicians, technical writers, editors and consultants all have one common goal: to free people of the frustrating and expensive cycle of relying on inexperienced, and often ineffective computer service centers and technicians.

Their flagship product, Home Technician™ computer repair software, distills essential information, tips and procedures that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to research on your own.

Unless you have an entire IT department backing you up, using Home Technician can empower you to take charge of your computer yourself, providing you with complete solutions to almost any maintenance, repair, or upgrade question. Just a short list of the ways Home Technician™ can help computer users:

• Discover and control what’s running on your PC

• Find, remove and prevent viral infections

• Learn how to update your Internet browser and plug-ins

• Prevent expensive data recovery and repairs

• Upgrade RAM, your DVD drive, even your hard drive

• Use our library of researched and tested free software tools to protect, tune-up and add functionality to your computer

You could spend a lot of time and effort to educate yourself on all the ways to optimize your computer system. Best PC Fixit has done that for you with Home Technician. You can prevent computer problems before they happen. You can be empowered with the combined knowledge of experts for a very small investment. Check out their product at BestPCFixit.com.

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Need a Power Wheelchair to Improve Your Life in California?

Power Wheel chairs were invented during the World War II era to help rehabilitate injured soldiers.  The power chairs of today are much more efficient and maneuverable.  They have helped countless seniors and people with physical disabilities enhance their lives.  The technology for power chairs has improved dramatically over the last twenty years.  Need a power wheelchair in Modesto, CA, Bakersfield CA, Los Angeles, CA or Stockton, CA? Visit Mobility Pus of California online.

A power wheelchair has four to six wheels and is battery powered.  These electric power wheel chairs are steered by using a “joystick.”   Power wheelchairs or power chairs are extremely maneuverable in the home and can turn on a dime.  A power chair is primarily designed for seniors,  Quadriplegics and paraplegics who need help getting around.

There are many types of power chairs.  Some are more lightweight and portable.  Like the Pride GO Chair.    These chairs are compact and light and fit in most car trunks with ease.  They come with twin motors for traction and easy handling. They wheels in front are smaller and are controlled with the use of a small joystick. go-chair.jpg

Most power chairs are designed for indoor and outdoor travel.  They come fully adjustable with flat free tires and anti-tipping features.  They vary in weight capacities covering 300 pound, 400 pound and 500 pound limits.  Drive and Pride manufacture many excellent models to choose from.  Merits makes a model with a 600 pound capacity.

Pressure sores can be a problem with patients wheelchair bound.  Ease Cushion has a designed a great pressure relief cushion for power wheelchairs.  Their unique alternating pressure cushion can help relieve and prevent pressure sores also known as pressure ulcers.  They make custom cushions for quadriplegics and paraplegics.  Check out the testimonial’s of their patients to find out how their pressure relief cushion has empowered their lives.

When choosing a power chair you should consider fit, comfort and where you will be using your chair.  If you are in the market for a power chair you should contact the experts at My Scooter Express.

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Electric Mobility Scooters in California

Who Needs A Mobility Scooter?

If you keep noticing people with electric mobility scooters out in public when you didn’t before, your subconcious is probably trying to tell you something. If you are experiencing new limits in your personal mobility, you should consider looking into aquiring a mobility scooter for yourself. To get clear on this, you need to ask yourself some key questions:

• Do you have problems moving around your home or getting around outside of the home?

• Is your life quality less because of my mobility problems?

• Does walking or standing for long periods really tire you out?

• Do you spend more than 5 hours of your day sitting or laying down because you just can’t get around?

• Do you want to get your life back and get out more?

If you are answering ‘yes’ to any of these, you are definitely someone who will benefit from owning a mobility scooter. mobility-scooters-small.jpg

Mobility scooters improve the lives of people in Chico, Sacramento, and Modesto who have limited or no mobility due to age, injury, or disease. A typical user is able to walk to some degree but needs the assistance of a mechanical device over slopes and longer walks. Disabled people of all ages use them but it is seniors who want to enjoy life fully without restriction who are the biggest user group. The ease of operation, simple features, and accessibility for everyone are the reasons mobility scooters are so popular.

Benefits of Having a Mobility Scooter

With a mobility scooter, you will be able to once again enjoy your life. Look for a model with a long lasting battery that gets 15-20 miles to the charge and the model and size that fits your exact needs, whether for home or outside, and you will be able to live independently and rely less on people to take care of you. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours sitting or lying down in your house, unable to get out and interact with the world. No matter what your mobility issues are, you and those who care about you benefit.

Things to Look For When Buying…

Weight limits. Most scooter companies will start by asking whether you weigh more or less than 250 pounds. That makes the difference in the scooter that you buy because you may need one that holds more. Think about the things that you’ll be transporting, as well, because added weight means added stress on the equipment.

Dimensions or size. If you’ll be using your scooter indoors in tight spaces you need to know that it can get you where you want to go. The specifications for scooters are readily available on the website that feature them and a salesperson will be ready with that information as well. It should be no problem to get the perfect size for your needs if you think ahead.

Durability. Most people buy a 3-wheel scooter, or for more outdoor use, a 4-wheel model. Make sure that you look at the durability versus the maneuverability so that you can find the perfect fit.

Transporting the machine. If your scooter needs to travel with you, it has to be easy to disassemble and stow away. Make sure that you find one that will fit in the car or be easy to take apart and move if you need that feature.

Accessories. The seat and seat cushions are certainly important. Consider the arms, the controls, and the accessories that are available with your scooter are important to consider. Get exactly what you want, because you deserve it.

Battery life/mileage. If your scooter poops out before you do, it can be a lot more hassle than it’s worth. Check out the battery stats and the expected mileage that you will get. Today’s new scooters can take you 12 to 15 miles before they need a charge.


Free Wheelchairs – Fact or Fiction?

red-scooter-sm.jpgIf you talk to Medicare, they will quickly tell you that they cover 80% of the cost of a power wheelchair or scooter under certain circumstances. Be aware that a Medicare approved doctor must perform a full physical and determine your need for a wheelchair or scooter for one or more of the following reasons: you have a spinal, brain, or muscular condition, you are unable to build upper body strength, or you are bedridden for the majority of your day when not in a wheelchair.

The same doctor must then write out a prescription and fill out Medicare’s approval forms.  Medicare will pay for 80% after your deductible. Salesmen and websites that promise free scooters are often a scam. After reading Medicare’s rules, it becomes clear that they do not give away free wheelchairs.

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Power Wheelchair Cushion Prevents Pressure Sores

Wheelchair-bound people often face the nightmare of pressure sores. What are pressure sores? They are a breakdown of skin from sitting too long in a static position. Wheelchair cushions of all kinds have been tried for years with little relief from pressure sores or pressure ulcers as they’re sometimes called. But because of one man’s incredible invention, wheelchair cushion technology has entered the 21st century.

The Ease Cushion is an alternating pressure cushion system, unique in the world and receiving heartfelt testimonies from paraplegics, quadriplegics and others confined to wheelchairs. The Ease Cushion is used and recommended by disabled doctors and nurses. The Ease Cushion is an active seating system that has alternating rows of air-filled bladders which are timed to inflate and deflate, allowing blood to flow to affected areas.

Since inventor Rex Taylor patented his revolutionary seating system, he has empowered countless disabled people and literally given them their lives back. So many of his customers freely give powerful testimonials of how they have been relieved of so much pain. Air Force pilots who are fatigued from sitting cramped for long hours in flight suffer pressure sores for the same reasons as people in wheelchairs. After 3 years of testing involving dozens of human subjects, Ease Cushion is now contracted to build alternating pressure cushions for the US Military pilots.

An intriguing invention with real life benefits, go see how this miracle cushion works at EaseCushion.com and why it is the best seat cushion ever for preventing bed sores and pressure sores and allowing them to finally heal. If you suffer from this situation, there is an answer to your dilemma in the Ease Cushion technology.

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LeVey Transport Service in Northern California

LeVey Transport, Inc. is a trucking transport service that ranks high among northern California transport companies. A transport service is distinguished from a freight or shipping company in that they haul and transport bulk materials such as gravel, hot asphalt, or walnut hulls. LeVey Transportation is equipped to haul building materials and construction equipment, hauling up to 95,000 pounds of payload for long distances.

Their flatbed trucks can transport to project sites building elements like bridge decks and concrete slabs. LeVey has the equipment and adaptability to get any job done. They developed a retrofit of their trailers to waterproof them, necessary to win a contract extracting gravel from the Sacramento River for the construction of the Cypress Street bridge in Redding.

Their Belt trailers allow for loading and unloading light weight materials such as ash, lime, and diatomaceous earth. Because they have the equipment and availablility, LeVey is in demand and has build a solid reputation in northern California as evidenced by their many long-term hauling and transporting contracts.

LeVey hauls heavy equipment to remote jobsites with their Low Beds. They’re the transporters you will see on the highway preceded by pilot cars. LeVey provides the pilot cars and takes care of the necessary state permits for oversized loads.

This trucking and transport company covers the area from north of Sacramento to southern Oregon and northwest Nevada. Based in Redding, LeVey trucks for Chico, Eureka, Yuba City, Red Bluff, Woodland, Susanville and all points between.

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Red Bluff Kiwanis Annual Round Up Pancake Breakfast

Red Bluff Kiwanis Annual Round Up Pancake Breakfast at the Elks Lodge, 355 Gilmore Road, Red Bluff.  Tickets are $5 each and children 6 and under eat free!  All proceeds go towards sending over 100 kids to camp each year.  Tickets can be purchased at the door.  Saturday, April 21st from 7 am to 10 am

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