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Need a Power Wheelchair to Improve Your Life in California?

Power Wheel chairs were invented during the World War II era to help rehabilitate injured soldiers.  The power chairs of today are much more efficient and maneuverable.  They have helped countless seniors and people with physical disabilities enhance their lives.  The technology for power chairs has improved dramatically over the last twenty years.  Need a power wheelchair in Modesto, CA, Bakersfield CA, Los Angeles, CA or Stockton, CA? Visit Mobility Pus of California online.

A power wheelchair has four to six wheels and is battery powered.  These electric power wheel chairs are steered by using a “joystick.”   Power wheelchairs or power chairs are extremely maneuverable in the home and can turn on a dime.  A power chair is primarily designed for seniors,  Quadriplegics and paraplegics who need help getting around.

There are many types of power chairs.  Some are more lightweight and portable.  Like the Pride GO Chair.    These chairs are compact and light and fit in most car trunks with ease.  They come with twin motors for traction and easy handling. They wheels in front are smaller and are controlled with the use of a small joystick. go-chair.jpg

Most power chairs are designed for indoor and outdoor travel.  They come fully adjustable with flat free tires and anti-tipping features.  They vary in weight capacities covering 300 pound, 400 pound and 500 pound limits.  Drive and Pride manufacture many excellent models to choose from.  Merits makes a model with a 600 pound capacity.

Pressure sores can be a problem with patients wheelchair bound.  Ease Cushion has a designed a great pressure relief cushion for power wheelchairs.  Their unique alternating pressure cushion can help relieve and prevent pressure sores also known as pressure ulcers.  They make custom cushions for quadriplegics and paraplegics.  Check out the testimonial’s of their patients to find out how their pressure relief cushion has empowered their lives.

When choosing a power chair you should consider fit, comfort and where you will be using your chair.  If you are in the market for a power chair you should contact the experts at My Scooter Express.

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