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Locksmith in Red Bluff, CA Offers 24-hr Emergency Service

Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks is a Red Bluff locksmith that offers quality work at reasonable prices.

Being locked out of your house or locked out of your car sucks, but an expert locksmith like Ernie can rescue you at a moment’s notice. Lowest rates apply 6 am to 7 pm everyday, weekends and minor holidays included. And if it’s after hours? Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks offers 24hr emergency response.

This locksmith does lockouts, re-keying, master keying, installs deadbolts, and repairs locks. Lost your keys? Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks replaces lost keys. If you need a Locksmith in Red Bluff, CA – Ernie is your man. He is a master locksmith.

Pay what you can program
At Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks they don’t want to leave anyone stranded. If you are in dire circumstances they will do their best to help you for what you can afford. If you are unemployed, disabled, or otherwise unable to pay even their low rates, they will accept what you can pay. This is for those in Red Bluff who are locked out of the home or vehicle, can’t lock their home, or lost the key to their only transportation. Ernie’s goal is to help those who really need it. People tend to remember that kind of help.

After 14 years of law enforcement and 30 years of locksmithing, Ernie has seen plenty of break-ins. His philosophy is that locks don’t need to keep honest people honest; locks need to keep dishonest people afraid of 1) taking too long to get in, 2) making too much noise, 3) attracting attention, 4) leaving evidence, and 5) getting caught.  Proper locks and deadbolts are what it takes to keep those people “honest.”

Call and ask about specials at Ernie’s Mobile Lockworks. For more information visit www.erniesmobilelockworks.com or call 530-366-6511. For quick contact information, go to mobilelocksmithredbluff.com

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