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LeVey Transport Service in Northern California

LeVey Transport, Inc. is a trucking transport service that ranks high among northern California transport companies. A transport service is distinguished from a freight or shipping company in that they haul and transport bulk materials such as gravel, hot asphalt, or walnut hulls. LeVey Transportation is equipped to haul building materials and construction equipment, hauling up to 95,000 pounds of payload for long distances.

Their flatbed trucks can transport to project sites building elements like bridge decks and concrete slabs. LeVey has the equipment and adaptability to get any job done. They developed a retrofit of their trailers to waterproof them, necessary to win a contract extracting gravel from the Sacramento River for the construction of the Cypress Street bridge in Redding.

Their Belt trailers allow for loading and unloading light weight materials such as ash, lime, and diatomaceous earth. Because they have the equipment and availablility, LeVey is in demand and has build a solid reputation in northern California as evidenced by their many long-term hauling and transporting contracts.

LeVey hauls heavy equipment to remote jobsites with their Low Beds. They’re the transporters you will see on the highway preceded by pilot cars. LeVey provides the pilot cars and takes care of the necessary state permits for oversized loads.

This trucking and transport company covers the area from north of Sacramento to southern Oregon and northwest Nevada. Based in Redding, LeVey trucks for Chico, Eureka, Yuba City, Red Bluff, Woodland, Susanville and all points between.

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