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Go Solar, Off-Grid, or Grid-Tie with Solar Installation Kits

Is solar electric right for you?  You’ve probably thought about solar energy…especially with the sun blazing the way it is, but did you know that alternative energy is a solid investment of your money? There are incentives in the form of rebates and tax credits offered by both state and local governments. You can completely or partially offset your utility bill. On a tiered meter, like PG&Es typical residential rates, a partial offset can save large amounts of money by keeping the usage down in the lower tiers.

tophatsun-logo.jpgThere are solar panel companies springing up everywhere, but do you go to the new start up, or consult with a company that’s grown up with the industry and seen it go from pieced together systems to well developed, highly efficient solar installation kits? Top Hat Energy is such a company. They have been selling, designing and installing solar electric systems for over 10 years. Top Hat also offers pre-designed kits that can be modified, off-grid installations, residential grid-tie and commercial grid-tie solar installations.

There are plenty of good reasons to “Go Solar”. A few from Top Hat’s Top Ten reasons for adding solar power:

•  You become immune from rate hikes. You can “freeze” your utility rates where they are by offsetting your power bill fully.
•  You gain non-taxable green equity.
•  You can purchase a solar system without changing your monthly budget, no extra monthly costs.
•  Solar modules require no maintenance. A fixed mount solar grid tie system does not ever need maintenance.
•  Solar energy reduces our dependency on foreign oil.
•  It’s good for the environment. Solar electricity produces no emissions at all.

Top Hat Energy is listed with the CEC as a dealer and installer, which is necessary for customers to receive the rebates that are available under the CSI program and for Top Hat Energy to retail the equipment. It is also licensed with the state of CA as a C-10 electrical contractor, necessary for installing solar, wind, and hydro. Top Hat Energy offers wholesale equipment sales and design nationally and internationally in solar energy products. Top Hat Energy designs, manages, and installs residential and commercial solar systems.

Top Hat Energy evolved from Top Hat Chimney Sweep back in 1978. Along the way, founder Terry Hufft added woodstoves and pellet stoves to his business and then getting into solar and wind energy, eventually offering the solid, clean built-to-last style that we see in utility tied systems today.

Since 1978, Top Hat Energy has built a reputation for knowledge and reliability. Top Hat is a full service alternate energy systems provider. Go to www.tophatenergy.com and see a lot more.

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