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Be Your Own Computer Technician

Why would you pay for limited tune-up software or expensive repairs when you can protect, tune-up, maintain and repair your PC using one resource and do it all for one low price?

Have you ever known anyone that’s had an absolutely trouble-free history with computers? Have you ever experienced a speed bump in your computer’s performance? Chasing down solutions or paying over-priced nerds is not the best solution. But there is Best PC Fixit™.

Best PC Fixit™, founded in 2008, develops innovative self-help instructional computer software for home and business computer users. Their staff of experienced, savvy, computer technicians, technical writers, editors and consultants all have one common goal: to free people of the frustrating and expensive cycle of relying on inexperienced, and often ineffective computer service centers and technicians.

Their flagship product, Home Technician™ computer repair software, distills essential information, tips and procedures that would otherwise take hundreds of hours to research on your own.

Unless you have an entire IT department backing you up, using Home Technician can empower you to take charge of your computer yourself, providing you with complete solutions to almost any maintenance, repair, or upgrade question. Just a short list of the ways Home Technician™ can help computer users:

• Discover and control what’s running on your PC

• Find, remove and prevent viral infections

• Learn how to update your Internet browser and plug-ins

• Prevent expensive data recovery and repairs

• Upgrade RAM, your DVD drive, even your hard drive

• Use our library of researched and tested free software tools to protect, tune-up and add functionality to your computer

You could spend a lot of time and effort to educate yourself on all the ways to optimize your computer system. Best PC Fixit has done that for you with Home Technician. You can prevent computer problems before they happen. You can be empowered with the combined knowledge of experts for a very small investment. Check out their product at BestPCFixit.com.

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